ACT supports the worldwide fleet of F-16s with OEM quality products for the airframe and its systems.

ACT: Quality


Parts are manufactured and repaired to the highest quality standards in the industry. ACT is third party certified to ISO9000 and AS9100 quality system requirements.

ACT: Competencies


ACT provides a full spectrum of F-16 sustainment products and services and is endorsed by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics.

ACT: Licenses


ACT’s OEM licenses guarantee delivery of F-16 airframe structural, mechanical, and hybrid components manufactured and repaired to the latest Lockheed Martin released engineering and master tooling.

ACT: Hologram Products Certification


ACT customers have assurance of receipt of highest quality parts backed by Lockheed Martin’s Certified Parts Hologram Program.

ACT News, Programs, and Offerings.


ACT: Wings and Flight Control Surfaces

Wings and Flight Control Surfaces

ACT: Airframe Structures

Airframe Structures

ACT: Doors, Covers, and Fairings

Doors, Covers, and Fairings

ACT: Installation Hardware

Installation Hardware

ACT: Subsystem Ducts, Tubes, and Mechanical Hardware

Subsystem Ducts, Tubes, and Mechanical Hardware

ACT: Miscellaneous Hardware and Alternate Mission Equipment

Miscellaneous Hardware & Alternate Mission Equipment


Program Management and Assistance in Management of F-16 Sustainment


Supply Chain Management | Supply Chain Integration | Roadmap Planning | Modification Management | Corrosion Control Programs | Aircraft Repair Engineering | Consulting and Technical Services

ACT: Technical and Program Management Services

Field Teams


Minor and Major Kit Installations | Upgrades to Airframe Structure, including Falcon UP, Falcon STAR, SLEP, etc. | Corrosion Control and Repair Actions | Aircraft Wiring Upgrades (Falcon WIRE) | Restoration of Crash Damaged Aircraft

ACT: Field Teams Services

The premiere provider of aerospace manufacturing services and program offerings.


Falcon WING | Falcon UP, STAR, & SLEP | Falcon WIRE | Airframe Corrosion Control | Weapon Pylons and Upgrades | Block 40/50 MLG BHD Repair Kits and Bulkhead Replacements | DART Pod Harness Manufacture and Installation (F-35)

ACT: Program Offerings Services

We repair what we and the OEM Manufacture.


Bonded Assemblies | Structural Parts and Assemblies | Weapon Pylons and Alternate Mission Equipment | Electrical Harnesses | Cockpit Panels | ECS and Bleed Air Ducts | Power Distribution and Control Panels | Fuel System Components | Radomes | Canopies

ACT: Repairs Services


ACT prides itself on delivering highest quality products and services to our customers and welcomes feedback as to how we can continuously improve customer satisfaction. ACT has been a gold medal rated supplier by DLA every year that we have been rated. The endless pursuit of perfection, customer satisfaction, and best value products and services is our passion.

ISO 9001:2008
AS9100:2009, Rev. C
ACT: Quality Assurance Clauses

ACT delivers Excellence in F-16 Parts, Assemblies, Repairs, Kits, Field Teams, and Technical Services.


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