ACT specializes in the Manufacturing and Repair of a wide range of Aerospace Products.

The Integrated Solution

ACT is a one-stop provider of integrated F-16 solutions offering products and services necessary to maintain up-to-date F-16 operational capabilities for our customers. View our video for more information.

Wings and Flight Control Surfaces

Wings and Flight Control Surfaces, including repair and newly manufactured Wing Box Components, Wing Fixed Trailing Edges, Flaperons, Horizontal Tails, Horizontal Tail Leading Edges, Vertical Tail Leading Edges and Antennas, Rudders, and Ventral Fins. This also includes Complete Overhaul and Repair of F-16 Wings.

Wing Repairs and Overhauls – Including Major and Minor Overhaul of Damaged or Worn-Out Wings. ACT has developed in-house capabilities to perform complete Tear-Down Inspection and Analysis to determine what needs to be repaired/replaced in order to deliver overhauled wings to airworthy condition per USAF and OEM requirements. All wings Repaired or Overhauled using OEM (Lockheed Martin) Engineering Drawings and Data coupled with USAF Approved Tech Orders and Procedures.

ACT: Wings and Flight Control Surfaces

Airframe Structures

Airframe Structure, including all Bulkheads, Skins, Frames, Landing Gear Support Structure, Horizontal Tail Support Structure, Vertical Tail Support Structure, Wing Support Structure, Longerons, Stringers, Stiffeners, etc.

ACT: Airframe Structures

Doors, Covers, and Fairings

Doors, Covers, and Fairings, including any and all Engine Access Covers/Doors, Main Landing Gear Doors, Nose Landing Gear Doors, Engine Nozzle Fairings, Equipment Bay Doors/Covers, Radomes, Fuel System Access Covers, Wing Hardpoint Covers, Wing Root Fairings, Dorsal Fairings/Covers, Canopy Frames and Frame Covers, Crew Station Interior Fairings and Covers, etc. All are manufactured new, and many can be repaired or remanufactured.

ACT: Doors, Covers, and Fairings

Installation Hardware

Installation Hardware, including Wing Attach Fittings, Vertical Tail Attach Fittings, Engine Installation Hardware, Landing Gear Attachment Hardware, Equipment Mounting Hardware, Brackets, Supports, Electrical Harness Installation Hardware, Ejection Seat Support/Rail Assemblies, etc.

ACT: Installation Hardware

Subsystem Ducts, Tubes, and Mechanical Hardware

Subsystem Ducts, Tubes, & Mechanical/Electrical Hardware, including Hot and Cold Air Ducts, Jet Fuel Starter Intake and Exhaust Ducts, ECS Ducts, Engine Bleed Air Ducts, Fuel System Distribution and Vent Tubes, Engine Throttle Grip Assemblies, Side Stick Controller Assemblies, Select Electrical Harnesses, etc. All can be provided Factory New, and many can be Repaired or Remanufactured.

ACT: Subsystem Ducts, Tubes, and Mechanical Hardware

Miscellaneous Hardware & Alternate Mission Equipment

Miscellaneous Hardware, such as Weapon Pylons, Missile Launcher Rails and Fairings, Tail Hook Assemblies, Speed Brakes, Canopy Actuation Components, Canopy Handles, Tail Light Assemblies, Aerial Refuel Light Assemblies, etc.

ACT: Miscellaneous Hardware & Alternate Mission Equipment


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